Vorhang auf für zwei Protagonisten der Weltpolitik:

Diktator „X“

[…] the […] regime has not perpetrated any crimes resembling human slaughter or caused a humanitarian catastrophe. This is not because his forces are incapable of such savagery but because the […] ruler ordered them specifically to avoid war crimes and crimes against humanity even if this meant incurring battlefield defeats.

[…] To this day, no Western or Arab military or humanitarian observers have come up with evidence or testimony of abuses against the civilian population, even in the fiercely embattled towns […]

The […] ruler is determined not to give his foes any pretext for attacking him.

Realizing from the start that there was no way he could prevent the West mounting an offensive against his regime, he decided to temper the onslaught, limit the damage and make sure it was not mortal by keeping his own campaign within acceptable limits.

„X“ is convinced that his cautious and measured warfare against the rebels is the key to a diplomatically negotiated ending of the war.

The […] ruler is out to prove that there never was any basis for […] military operations for the protection of civilians […]

Diktator „Y“

„Y“ fought back against the expanding threat to his survival by mobilizing all his military and security resources, including the loyal young thugs of the shabbiha gangs. They have orders to shoot to kill and not permit ambulances to collect the wounded.

[…] A grave humanitarian crisis is spreading with the unrest. Army outposts and roadblocks have cut off […] even food deliveries in many places. Mass arrests of thousands take place nightly including, according to debkafile’s sources, members of the […] ruling establishment for the crime of appealing to „Y“ to abandon his violent methods of repression and meet some of the protesters demands for reforms.

[…] The troops open fire at protesters as soon as a few people gather in the street without waiting for a demonstration to form. The wounded are denied medical care and allowed to die in the streets as a deterrent to protesters.

[…] The extreme measures to which „Y“ has resorted as the revolt against him enters its fourth week have led to firefights within the army. Many cases are now reported of […] officers opening fire on other […] officers, killing them when they refuse to shoot protesters. There have been incidents of shabbiha gangs shooting two ways – on demonstrators and at times on army forces. In one such incident […] the irregulars appeared to be goading the soldiers into using more force to disperse the protesters. In others, these pro-„Y“ street gangs appear to be shooting from demonstrations to make it look as though the protesters were killing the soldiers.

Einer der beiden ist ein seit Jahrzehnten weltweit gehaßter Bösewicht der Superschurkenliga irgendwo zwischen Goldfinger und Dr. No, der andere dagegen als westlich gebildeter Reformer im Wartestand und sogenannter Stabilitätsfaktor begehrter Dialogpartner und unverzichtbarer Bestandteil jeder regionalen Friedenslösung. Und jetzt dürfen alle raten, wer das Ziel einer wenigstens halbherzigen Militärintervention wurde und wer nur ein paar mahnende diplomatische Floskeln zu hören bekam.