Die Einschläge kommen näher. Zumindest ist’s in der Nähe des iranischen Atomreaktors bei Bushehr in den letzten Wochen vor seiner Indienststellung irgendwie etwas lauter als sonst:

Tuesday, Aug. 17, an Iranian F4 Phantom fighter jet was claimed by Tehran to have crashed 6 kilometers north of the Bushehr nuclear reactor in southern Iran. debkafile’s military sources report it was shot down by Russian-made TOR-M1 air-missile defense batteries guarding the reactor.

Aber kann ja mal passieren, daß ein Pilot sich ein bißchen verfliegt. Und falls sich gerade kein Freiwilliger findet, kann man die eigene Luftverteidigung ja ja immer noch mit unbemannten Flugzeugen „testen“:

[…] On Aug. 1, three unidentified UAVs slammed into the reactor buildings, scaring the townspeople who were sure the plant was under American or Israeli attack.

After the heads of government in Tehran put their heads together to try and identify the drones, without success, the defense ministry emerged with a communiqué reporting that a single drone had crashed on the nuclear reactor’s dome, but insisted it was launched by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards to test the alertness of the air defense personnel guarding it and the effectiveness of its anti-air radar system.

According to DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s Iranian and intelligence sources, Bushehr citizens were sure they heard three mighty explosions – not one. So the deputy district governor for security affairs, Mohammad Hossein Shenidi, who is responsible for safeguarding Bushehr and its reactors against air or missile attacks, pitched in with a lighter version of the communiqué:  A single drone had indeed been fired, he admitted, but it carried no explosives because its only purpose was to simulate a loud bang to check the level of local alertness.

According to our sources, the townspeople were correct: Three drones hit the reactor killing at least five of its staff members.

In diesem Sinne, liebe Mullahs, wünschen wir Euch noch viele weitere „Übungen“ dieser Art. Ihr kriegt das Miststück schon noch klein. Und falls nicht, erbarmt sich vielleicht jemand anders.