Barack Obama hat von den türkischen Albernheiten jetzt offenbar auch allmählich die Nase voll:

US President Barack Obama could hardly avoid talking to Turkish Prime Minster Recep Erdogan in Toronto last week. Both were co-participants at the G-20 summit. But he treated their meeting of June 26 like a dose of unwanted medicine.

Erdogan durfte jetzt zumindest mal am eigenen Leib spüren, was Netanyahu schon hinter sich hat:

The Turkish delegation was not told about the venue until the last minute and Erdogan was then kept cooling his heels for an hour and 20 minutes after the appointed time. Then came the Turkish leader’s turn for „the Netanyahu treatment“ – White House parlance for presidential humiliations of out-of-favor foreign visitors (a taste of which was meted out to the Israeli prime minister on March 23). The meeting had the character of a back-door encounter with none of the communiqués, joint press conferences or photo ops normally attending talks between world leaders.

Und dann mußte der Möchtegernführer sich ein paar äußerst unangenehmen Fragen stellen…

DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s sources in Washington report that the tone of the conversation was frigid, starting with the president confronting the prime minister with tough demands for explanations on four points:

Why did Turkey vote against the majority when the UN Security Council imposed new sanctions against Iran?

Is Turkey still an American ally, or has it joined the new „Northern Muslim“ Middle East bloc along with Iran, Syria, Hizballah and Hamas?

How does Ankara envision the continuation of its military and intelligence polices as a member of NATO while at the same time strengthening its ties with „Northern Muslim“ bloc members?

Does Erdogan propose to persist in his hostile campaign against Israel – or even intensify it?

…bei denen er, nur um die Antwort zu umgehen, sogar seine Haltung zum Irakkrieg revidierte:

[…] DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s sources in Washington add that to warm the atmosphere of the talks and divert Obama’s attention from the four thorny issues, he offered to send Turkish troops to Iraq to help stabilize its central government and boost security in the country after the US troop pull-out at the end of the year.

This was a diametric reversal of the stand Erdogan took in 2003 when he brusquely spurned the Bush administration’s request to allow US troops to transit Turkey and open a second front against Saddam Hussein from the north.

Obama, der es erstmals auf die harte Tour probierte, machte hingegen prompt eine gute Figur:

[…] When Obama continued to press for answers to his four questions, Erdogan again tried to change the subject: He asked for Washington to replace the military aid and advanced military and intelligence technologies provided by Israel before Ankara had cut the relationship short. He would also welcome US help in gathering intelligence on the Kurdish PKK rebels fighting Turkey from bases in northern Iraq.

The US president rejected those requests outright. He made it clear that any US assistance would be predicated on Turkey refraining from challenging US interests in the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia and abandoning its hostile treatment of Israel.

Mit anderen Worten: Nice try, Recep, aber das war wohl nix:

The Turks were not given the chance to airbrush the negative outcome of the Obama-Erdogan meeting.

Das beste aber ist, daß Obama endlich mal gezeigt hat, daß er, wenn er nur will, durchaus mehr drauf hat als den Appeasement-Pausenclown mit dem „Kick Me!“-Schild auf dem Rücken. Man kann nur hoffen, daß er an seiner neuen Rolle genügend Geschmack gefunden hat, um nach seinem kläglichen Scheitern mit der weichen Welle das Ruder doch noch rechtzeitig rumzureißen und den bösen Jungs in letzter Minute ihre Grenzen aufzuzeigen.