General McChrystal and staff let the cat out of the bag, that everyone watching knew already: President Obama, VP Joe Biden, National Security Council head Jim Jones, Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry, Obama’s special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke, have been actively undermining the war effort through timidity, illusions and interfering with McChrystal, the only proven warrior and COIN expert in the bunch and the only one respected by the Afghanis.

General David Petraeus will now fill in, from chief at CENTCOM with wider responsibilities for the tinderboxes in the Middle East and South Asia. That is a big hole to fill in dangerous times. General Petraeus is not holding it against President Obama that Obama joined in the liberal Democrats’ defeatism in Iraq when General Petraeus then proceeded with President Bush’s firm and brave support to save the bacon.

And, once again President Obama has chosen his personal agenda and ego above military effectiveness. The CiC just appointed a new Commandant for the Marine Corps, General James Mattis, who with Petraeus co-authored military COIN doctrine.

General Mattis could have been chosen to replace McChrystal. But, he wasn’t. There’s no doubt that Petraeus will do an excellent job, but General Mattis would also, and wouldn’t have left a gaping hole at CENTCOM. General Mattis is also known as a “no nonsense commander”, who is famous for saying in Iraq that Marines will kill if attacked (though the Left ignores that General Mattis is also an advocate of “soft-power” COIN so that is less necessary).

Straight talk is not to be had when the President’s ignorant ideology and thin ego are exposed to challenge by straight talk. General Petraeus is less likely to be as blunt to the President and the US public, whose sons and daughters’ lives are at stake on the front lines.

Three senior members of the SAS Committee have it here:

The resignation of Gen. Stanley McChrystal should lead the Obama administration to re-evaluate their civilian Afghanistan team as well, three members of the Armed Services Committee said Wednesday.

Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said the controversy surrounding the Rolling Stone profile of McChrystal revealed problems beyond the comments of McChrystal and his team.

„The civilian side, in my view, is completely dysfunctional,“ said Graham.

Mr. Henry Kissinger says of the President’s course,

„Neither the premise nor the deadline is realistic,“ in saying „America needs an Afghan strategy, not an alibi.