Auch wenn Willemsen und Käßmann noch so fest schlafen und weiter vom Sieg der edlen Wilden über die verabscheuungswürdige Moderne träumen, die Afghanen wachen auf:

GIZAB, AFGHANISTAN — The revolt of the Gizab Good Guys began with a clandestine 2 a.m. meeting. By sunrise, 15 angry villagers had set up checkpoints on the main road and captured their first prisoners. In the following hours, their ranks swelled with dozens of rifle-toting neighbors eager to join.

Gunfights erupted and a panicked request for help was sent to the nearest U.S. troops, but the residents of this mountain-ringed hamlet in southern Afghanistan held their ground. By sundown, they managed to pull off a most unusual feat: They kicked out the Taliban.

„We had enough of their oppression,“ Lalay, the one-named shopkeeper who organized the uprising, said in recounting the late April battle. „So we decided to fight back.“

[…] Lalay’s force has now grown to 300 men. They conduct foot patrols and operate checkpoints in and around Gizab. The revolt also has spread to 14 neighboring villages, each of which has a 10-man defense squad.

[…] Insurgent attacks and intimidation have ceased. „There are still Talibs in the mountains, but they’re in hiding,“ said Lalay, who wears a bandolier slung over the shoulder. „They don’t dare to come outside and fight us.“

Da drücken wir ihnen mal die Daumen. Alleine schon, weil, wenn irgendwann einmal die Zeit der Islamisten abgelaufen ist und der Wecker der Geschichte klingelt, Roger und Margot sich ganz schön die Augen reiben werden.