Während Medien und Politik in Europa die Affäre um die Gaza-Flotille primär als weitere Episode des Dauerkonflikts zwischen Israel und den Palästinensern behandeln anstatt als Ergebnis einer grundsätzlichen strategischen Neupositionierung der türkischen Außenpolitik, stellen die von dieser beunruhigenden Entwicklung direkt Betroffenen vor Ort jene Fragen, um die es eigentlich geht:

But for us here in Turkey, the implications run far deeper. In many ways, the botched raid by Israeli commandos on the high seas symbolizes our moment of return to the old neighborhood we left almost a century ago—back to the heart of the Middle East.

“I don’t understand how this happened so fast,” a friend lamented last night over cocktails at an upscale nightclub on the Bosporus in Istanbul. “We were about to go into the European Union, and before you know it, there we are, everyone wrapped in Palestinian flags and sending toothpaste to Gaza.”

[…] We are now officially caught up between the West and the Muslim world, between Islamic solidarity and our place in Europe, as our politicians lead the global jihad against Israel and we sip Cosmopolitans on the Bosporus.

[…] Once the dust settles, there is too much we need to discuss back home. Can we really help the Palestinians and energize the peace process? Is Turkey strong enough to lift the embargo in Gaza? Or wait, wait—are we just abandoning our place in the West, losing ourselves in a fleeting moment of grandeur?

(Hat tip: Clemes Wergin)