Judge Victoria Roberts rules to Release Hutaree Members, Feds Will Appeal
Apparently, my questioning the federal evidence presented in court during the early days after the raid on a Michigan militia group was justified. I have taken my share of attacks, but reading the evidence released from the Michigan federal court, there seemed to be no solid evidence Hutaree members were actually going to go on a cop-killing rampage.

Apparently Judge Victoria Roberts doesn’t see enough evidence. She ordered the release of the nine Hutaree members, who plotted to either overthrown the government or kill cops. The AP’s story still isn’t clear to the intent. However, the feds, knowing the embarrassment this presents to the Obama administration, are appealing the judge’s order.

On Monday she ordered the defendants released until their trial, but she was forced to suspend her decision when prosecutors asked for more time to decide for an appeal. Of course, it this case is so clear, why hasn’t the federal government presented the evidence? Why are they having to appeal if the evidence was strong enough to order the raid?