The Hutaree story continues to get stranger in the US. As I was looking over the news stories, I came across the mugshots of the Hutaree nine that are in federal custody after FIBI and ATF raids last weekend.

Watching the video, I expected to see sharply tuned war machines, Marine, or at least Army okay coast guard auxiliary level, quality machines ready to do battle. Instead, the mugshots give you impressions of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

Finally, if this comical terrorist group was ready to declare their war, why didn’t they fire upon the FBI and ATF? Why wasn’t there boobie traps planted in their compound to keep the feds out? Why didn’t they have sentries watching for any sign of government and police forced infiltrating their compound like at Ruby Ridge? None of this makes sense. If you are seriously preparing for an attack, and you are as dangerous militarily as they claim, then why wasn’t more attention paid to OPSEC? There are many holes in the government’s story, and I wonder tonight what the government is up to because nothing is adding up. If this group was really looking to stage war against the United States government, well, they missed a chance this weekend.
Sorry but this story is a great story of Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Black Helicopter,the NWO and not a real terror threat.